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This site is divided into two major areas, and you're invited to browse both!

This is an ongoing labor of love devoted to my three greatest loves:  Art, Renaissance Faires, and my wife Kimberly (not necessarily in that order, by the way).  Please select one of the two links below, and do check back often. 

Click here to enter Lance's Artwork!

Click here to enter the Virtual Ren Faire!

In addition to many JPGs and GIFs of the artwork I've done working on various projects, I will continue to post more recently completed and ongoing works.

Though my work covers a lot of different subjects, my favorite is fantasy.  As you browse this section, you'll see many pictures that were actually RPG characters (of my own and others).  If you're interested in commissioning character art, please feel free to contact me!

This area is full of pictures from faires in Florida and Texas (mainly the Bay Area Faire in Largo, TRF, and Scarborough).

In addition, you'll find plenty of links to other Ren Faire sites and information in the Ren Links section and the new Renaissance Board BBS.

Also, be sure to check out the pictures from our Renaissance Faire wedding, and pictures taken during our eight day honeymoon in Scotland!

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Friday, October 15, 1999

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